Darryn Cahill


I'm riding in Around the Bay 2019 to help kids in need!

Because 1 in 6 Australian kids are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by. But by supporting their education, they can break this cycle of disadvantage.

Your donation will give these kids the essentials they might otherwise miss out on like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and the help they need to keep up at school. Its a great cause!

Plus, your support will give me great motivation to keep pedaling in training and on the big day!

Thanks for your help and don't forget to leave your message of 'encouragement' when you donate :)


ARB 300 km Challenge

This is them 9th time particicpating in Around the Bay riding the 300 km challenge for the second year.  About 12 hours on the bike plus the ferry crossing.  Gonna be a long day sealed

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$36 to provide a book pack

$61 to provide a uniform

$140 to provide a sports pack

$624 to sponsor a student for one year

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Highbrand Pty Ltd


Katile Pty Ltd


Nick Whitby


Pellicano Pty Ltd

Best of luck, Darryn! The Pellicano Family


Id_land Pty Ltd

Best of luck Darryn!


Con Angelatos

Darryn Best of luck with your ride. Your motivation is very inspiring. Stay safe!


Gpc Management Pty Ltd


Blanco Norton - Legacy Project Management

All the best for the ride Darryn !!


Robert Rockefeller


Darryn Cahill



Good cause, all the best Darryn!


Meydan Charitable Foundation


Andrew Yates

Good on you Daz!


Hub Property Group

Good luck Darryn, great cause. Well done!


Brenton Norman

Great cause and congrats for taking up the challenge to support it. I'm backing you to finish it in well under 12 hours though!


Ben Cockerill


Wayne Dowsey

Ride carefully Dazzler !


Marcus Wettenhall





Perfection Private


Stephen Copland


Optimum Renovations

Good luck tomorrow mate. Have fun-Another massive day out!


Tim Harkin

Go Dazza


Sonia Rendevski

Well done Darryn. Such a good cause.


Dan Freeman

Great cause, well done Darryn!


Peter Mcbride

Great work Darryn.


David Long


David Napier


Mariko Drapac


The Boomeister

You are a ripper, wish I was there




Megan Hower


Kaan Ramachandra

Well Done, Darryn! and all the Best!! Its a Great Cause!!!


Cameron Moffat


Des Berkowitz

Good luck and best wishes!


Red Mcnamara

Best of luck Darryn!


Zak Fleisher

I expect you to be juiced to the gills and have EPO coming out of your paws



Hey Darren, hope you have a good ride and it is great weather for you all. Keep hydrated! All the best!