Enviropacific Are taking on Around the Bay 2019 to help kids in need!

Please support our ride and help these kids to break the cycle of disadvantage.

In Australia, 1 in 6 Children are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by.

But supporting their education is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

So we're going to give our personal best on the bike, so these kids can achieve their personal best in life!

Your donation will give children in need essentials like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and the help they need to keep up at school.

Plus your support will also help to keep us pedaling until we reach that finish line!

Thanks for your support (and wish us luck!)

Thank you to our Sponsors


Daniel Chambers


Allison Wisby


Donn And Dionne Delaney

Good luck for the ride❤️


Jack Burley


Brett Burley

Amazing champ! Love Dad and Lynne


Bernie & Tom Wright

Good luck Jack.


Lil Warner

Good luck and may you be fit, fit and fitter, what a great ambition :-)


Laura-jayne Van Alphen

Dan-Dan is the man, if he can’t do it...we’ll all probably laugh and point at you. Jokes Dan...if you can’t do it no-one can! x


Pete & Nikki De Jong

Good luck Jack!


Margaret Kelly

Good luck to everyone on Team Enviropacific. Well done!!


Terri Morris


Josh Gutteridge


Alex Taylor


Simone Trantino

Congratulations Jack such a great cause


Matthew E

Good work Bro!