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I'm riding in Around the Bay 2019 to help kids in need!

Because 1 in 6 Australian kids are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by. But by supporting their education, they can break this cycle of disadvantage.

Your donation will give these kids the essentials they might otherwise miss out on like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and the help they need to keep up at school. Its a great cause!

Plus, your support will give me great motivation to keep pedaling in training and on the big day!

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Longest Ride: Fri 20th / 103kms



A very enjoyable ride in the ATB even though the wind was a bit tough. A very well organised event with mostly clear roads and very respectful car drivers. Had one laugh at the large protest poster outside Frankston calling for mandatory bike rego. probably doesn't realise the cost of establishing such a scheme would be 50 times the amount collected. Back to the ride, the atmosphere was great within a number of groups, pure enjoyment of cycling.

Melbourne even turned it on weather wise, with a pleasant 27 degrees at the village. Everyone welcomed the opportunity of the lunch and drink. Home at last despite the complete breakdown of the Virgin self checkin and baggage drop system at the Melbourne airport on Monday morning. 

Look forward to next year.

Towards Williamstown

2/10 Out early again to try and beat traffic. At least I was going against city bound flow. Great weather, no wind and  no Magies. A bit of climbing outside of Tuggeranong on this short route. A rice descent on the way back.

Mt Stromlo

1/10 Finally made it to Mt Stromlo today, easy once you know how. A few riders along the way and a young fella who passed me quick smart on the way up. He is riding for the Pushy's sponsored NRS squad; had a very nice Cervello. Only one magpie strike out and back both; same bird I think. Leaving Canberra for Melbourne on Thursday so not too many days of riding before the big day. Staying in the city so won't chance a ride other than getting out to Albert Park early Sunday morning.


29/09 In effort to reach Mt Stomolo, my not so reliable GPS sent me on numerous bike trails, most of which made no sense. Suffice to say I did not get anywhere near it, but Tuesdays route into the city and then out might be a better way to go. Stiil managed to get the HR going with 70% in the threshold zone. Into the city by bus tomorrow so no riding.Tuggeranong from Wanniassa Hill 


27/09 Three hours by bus to go. No riding and too much sitting. Traffic in the tunnels heavy. Be glad to ride tomorrow morning.


25/09 Although most of this ride was in the threshold zone, %80, the avg HR was up a bit. Must have been the lack of sleep overnight. A mild morning none the less, with mostly clear skys. Much midweek traffic along the Murch this morning, but mostly respectful. No naimals, not even much road kill. Off to Canberra tomorrow and then finish up in Melbourne for the big ride. Once again some big sponsors, including my daughter which has put me well over my goal.

Double Tuesday

23/09 Great to hear that any donation made on my page on Tuesday 24/09 will be doubled. A couple of large donors to the Smith Family have agreed to do this. Gives me more inspiration to keep pedalling, despite the slow 50k tempo ride this morning. At least the weather held off long enough. The Yellow Tails were in fine voice this morning feeding on pine cones and appearing very amorous. Mating session in full swing.

Nearly Forico

22/09 Back on the Murchison today after that coastal run on Friday. Just cruising down towards the Hellyer River when another Wedge Tail soared in front of me following the highway for a few metres, majestic! Made for a more inspiring ride. Still, HR was mostly in the treshold zone and added to the above avg relative score for the week. No eagle photo, but the river still flowing quickly.

On the Coast

20/09 Testing the legs again on this 100+ ks, fairly flat route along the coast from Burnie to Devonport and return. Been about 5 months since this route, maybe a little slower I think. Good relative effort score of above 700 and again 80% threshold or better. Seems like the traffic along the Bass Highway has not improved and the shoulder still like gravel. At least the Synapse was responding beautifully. The weather too was first rate.

Another This and That

17/09 -2 at the start today but warmed to +5 on the return, balmy. Only a shortish tempo ride today, must have been the weather. Very glad to get home for a coffee and something sweet. Mushroom only open from Wed-Sun and the roadhouse is typical on the go fare. Off to Hobart overnight Wed to to get the BB cleaned out; too much gravel grinding. Last chance for service before Canberra and the Bay ride. This photo attempting to get closer to Mt Pearce, but some of the logging tracks were impassable, mostly too wet.

This and That, Short

15/09 A lot of tempo riding in this one this morning. Probably sore legs from yesterday. At least the relative effort for the week was over 1300 and still holding steady with the 138avg HR. Managed to do a bit or riding in the rainforest, some of which was not plantation. Another coffee at the Mushroom and finally met up with Annie D who I have not seen in a few years. Off to Hobart overnight mid week.

Forico Windy

14/09 Although a very windy return against a south wester, this was a great weather ride. Mostly sunny and a pleasant 10 degrees. Out towards the chip mill today, so once again a little lumpy; add too a little gravel grinding. HR holding steady at 138 avg for the 2 hours and a 400 relative effort score. Continuing to build fitness. Photo today on the climb from the Hellyer River. Just missed the eagle in the dead tree. 

Wet 45

13/09 Only a last minute effort today as the mist and wind played havoc with any consistency. Not to mention a dead phone. Channel 7 in town today to do some filming for their iconic Aussie pub segments going to air later. They took over the coffee shop and I could have used a coffee on the return. HR at 138 avg, but still only 60% above threshold. Holding steady for relative effort. This photo from the same area, but earlier when it wasn't raining


11/09 Rollin down the highway, (Murchison), on another lovely spring day. Once again this is a lumpy route so difficult to maintain a steady pace. Three and a half weeks to go and a little over 2 weeks before Canberra. HR up a bit today, but at least 30% of the ride in the anaerobic zone, 50% above threshold. Off to Hobart next week for a spring service on the Synapse before the trip to the mainland. Photo on the Murchison, rollin.

Another Short 40

08/09 Trying to beat the rain forecast, so only limited effort today. Very little power and not working all that hard. Mostly short distances this week, but at least the relative effort for the week was above 1600. Wildlife was rooming again this morning, numerous wallabies, a few Yellowtails and a very healthy Tassie Devil. Into the pines on the photo, Yellowtails wouldn't cooperate.


07/09 Out towards Forico today on a mostly calm morning with a little headwind on the return. Over 80% of the ride above threshold and a good relative effort score near 500. HR up a bit, but might have been the interrupted sleep overnight. Just on 4 weeks to go and 2 and 1/2 weeks before seeing the daughter again in Canberra. Look forward to Mt Stromlo. Photo just before the drop down to the Wey River

Quick 40?

05/09 Full sun at the start today and no troublesome wind and yet fairly slow avg speed. Spring is starting with wild flowers and birds in abundance. Might be the last day for good weather with the rain and wind due to set in tomorrow. DMS is once again scheduled to do solar on Monday, but doubltful. Got an email from Michael Tarquinio the media advisor for the Smith Family, so looks like some publicity in the local paper. Could use it considering the slowness of the donations. Another Tarkine photo again today

Late Start

04/09 Rain kept me off until after 1:30 and then the wind got up again so this was very short today down the Murchison Highway. At least the forest on either side of the road was some help against the howler. Over 70% above threshold and a good HR avg considering the short distrance. Avg speed also up as bit. Temp around 10 degrees, but turning cold again with snow possible.

Tempo Only

03/09 Out towards Yolla this morning on a very clear day. Again nearly springlike, although Waratah spring is probably closer to late October-November. This was another easy roll with 50% of the ride in tempo. Photo today is below Mt Pearce which is usually behind clouds or mist.


02/09 Back home from Hobart and again too much food and sitting down. Only along Ridgley Rd today. Pleased to the see the HR at 137 avg and a good portion of the ride above threshold. Just a little over 4 weeks to go before the big day, so need to kick up the training, weather permitting. Nice looking car in the photo, very typical of Waratah's car owners.

Hobart 2

1/09  Same old, same old today, down the Channel to Blackman's Bay and resisted the coffee urge at Kingston Beach on the return. A few more out this morning being a Sunday, even though for father's. Very repectful again along Sandy Bay Rd. Did manage to catch on the back of R Fairbrother going up Bennet's Hill. Step Grandson at morning soccer. Sad to say goodbye to daughter and son in law.

Hobart 1

31/08 Just down in Hobart for a few days spending time with daughter who flew in from Canberra. Had a chance for a few kms down the Channel Highway. A little windy on the return and congested along  Sandy Bay Rd. Might have another go tomorrow to better my time.





Trainer Time


On the new Waho today and still trying to work out the uploads. Strava seems to interpret the Wahoo file differently, so some issues with the moving time and avg speed. Tried Wahoo auto pause and still an issue. None the less, the trainer will be good as a leadup to the ride in Oct. Yes, I do have permisiion to to take the beast to Hobart. Still cold in the morning though, 2 and 3 degrees forecast

Slow 45

27/08  Slow one out today over Whyte Hill and still the rain follows. Over 700 of climbing on this short route. Photo just down from Philosher Falls before the Arthur River drop. Still part of the wild Tarkine. HR steady on 139 avg for the ride, spot on my normal. Off to Hobart again for a few days and might take the beast with me. Could be fun battling traffic along Sandy Bay Rd. And no DMS did not come to install solar.


25/08 Wasn't going to go at all today, but Debbie kicked me out of the house, all because of my mid morning funk. Still managed to get a little rain, little hail and little sunshine. Improved my disposition though. Doing a little more work on this one today with 80% above the threshold zone, 144 HR avg. Near enough to 250 for the week, not bad considering the weather. Be interesting to see whether DMS shows up to install the solar on Monday. Wouldn't want to be on the roof in the wet, or the dry for that matter.

Beat the Wind, Beat the Rain

24/08 Did manage to beat the rain, the wind not so much. At least the HR is finally back to normal avg for the two hours. Analysis shows I could have been working a little harder with only 60% above threshold. A little slow too, but the wind was not helping, add aging legs. Again many yellowtails along this route today, very noisey, breeding soon. Another great coffee at the Mushroom, Cobi's and Greg's idyllic cafe just above the picturesque Waratah waterfall. You can see a picture of the town falls in my gallery below.

Lazy Hobart

17/08 Just back from a few days in Hobart doing nothing other than eating and the never ending running around shops. Just 40 ks today out on Savage River Rd. HR is nearly back to normal with 75% above the threshold zone. Very little in the anaerobic zone. Quite a clear day, but weather due to set in again. Photo just over Whyte Hill.


13/08 Nearly a sunny day with 10-12 degree temps. Down the Murchison again today with a few diversions on disused logging tracks. Over 75% above threshold again today with an avg HR 144. Still a little high for me. A couple of steep highway climbs just to test my failing fitness. Off to Hobart for a few days and to pick up the new Wahoo trainer. 

Not Spared


A dump of snow this morning so we did end up with about 3 cm on the ground this morning. Didn't go out until after lunch when the snow had melted and the roads cleared. Reached 10 degrees by mid afternoon, nearly shorts weather. Once again a bit slow on this lumpy route, add in the gravel and the avg speed less than 26kph. Photo proof of the gravel conditions.

Tassie Spared


For once the weather in western Tassie probably better than the southern mainland. Except for the wind and low temps it was once again spring like. Had a flyer out on this 60+ ride but the return was against a stiff westerly so only managed a 24 kmph avg. In the little ring for half of it. HR still trending down to low 140s which is close to my 139 avg for most rides. Forico doing a far bit of plantation replanting just down from their chipper. Need to start increasing the distance on the 50+ rides.

Wet Again

7/8 Beaten by the weather and a flat tyre just to make the short effort more difficult. Full top and bottom wet weather gear on, but couldn't do anything about the wind. At least the avg HR is coming down further, then again it could be the short distance and the tyre change stop. Not long enough today even for a picture.


6/8 Trying to beat the rain on this 50K route. Unfortunately if not the rain, then many log trucks providing a good soaking from the spray. A reasonable effort today with 80% above threshold of which 30% was in the anaerobic zone. Still the avg HR coming down so fitness is gradually improving. A lovely looking cold front is descending so back in the shed. And yes the new Wahoo Kickr gets picked up next week in Hobart.


4/8 Another cold start to the day, but at least a dry one. Quiet Sunday morning with 2 cars for the entire 50 Ks. Again slower pace with an avg HR still trending down which is good. Over 75% of the ride in the threshold zone so a lot less tempo riding. Over 250 for the week, with most rides above 700 mts of climbing and no snow!! 


2/8 Out towards Hampshire trying to get to clear sky, but no such luck on this 60K effort. A few cars, plenty of Yellow Tailed Cockatoos and a lone Echidna trying to scurry across the road. Finally had a picture stop at the the Wey River, flowing quite strong at this time of the year. Strong NW winds made the return trip a little difficult. Call it a tempo ride. Snow down to 400mts tomorrow so not getting out.

Into the Mist

31/7 Ride in the mist, not to be confused with that smulchy love story movie "Wälk in the Clouds" even though todays ride felt like in the clouds. At least the HR avg is starting to come down, but 148 still high for me. Still only 45 Ks. A lot of grit left on the road from the icy conditions over the last view days, so not a smooth ride either. A tropical 2 degrees at the start but no ice. Photo is just over Whyte's Hill.

Spring Like

30/7 Except for the 1 degree temp it was almost a spring like day. Roads were relatively dry and not a lot of log truck movement, a welcome change. Still trying to up the fitness level on this lumpy ride today. Not much elevation, but still difficult to maintain a consistent pace. This photo just below our house, only to prove that the sun does shine in Warratah during winter. 

Another 40

28/7 A little bit of sun, a little bit of rain and a late morning start. Wildlife had woken up with many wallabies roaming about. Not so the humans, as only 2 cars on the road for the entire 40ks. Not complaining and probably why there was so little road kill. Going to take awhile to get fitness back with the avg HR still about 10% higher than before the layoff. This photo of one of my favourite areas near the Wandle River.

First In Three

First ride on the road in 3 weeks. Very slow and fighting the rev heads from the south going to the footy in Launie. Fitness has taken a beating with the avg HR quite a bit up. At least the roads clear of ice and snow.

Still Inside

One week off for weather, one week off for man flu and 1/2 week off for a busted back, sure is fun getting old. Only in the shed again today and just back on the trainer. Another work day tomorrow, just as well with snow down to 400 mts. Could only manage 25ks and not with any great speed, so fitness loss an issue. Only a few intervals which tells the story.

Inside, Inside and Inside............

On the gel trrainer all of this past week with the weather absolutely shocking. Very high winds and snow again yesterday, which stuck around for most of the day. A few intervals this week, but none in the higher zones. This photo just outside our front window. If the rain continues as indicated for next week then it might be time for the full top and bottom waterproofs just to get out.

Back in Dev

A quick roll back in Devonport area with Scotty. Quite a mild day for mid winter. A little bit of climbing over Little Paloona, but had traffic from those following the annual half marathon. Easier on a bike! Weather for the west not looking good for the next 5 days.

Wrong Track Friday

Even the Synapse would not negotiate this track out towards Savage today. Return against the headwind was no joy either. Only 30 Ks today as the man flu is also catching up. Off to Devonport on Sunday to ride with a few mates I have not seen in a while. Might be a little warmer too.

Another 50

Another cold start to the day with considerable frost and a further drop in temp on the return. At least no ice on the roads, but a fair bit of log truck movement, hence the abundance of road kill. Doing a bit of work on this ride with 75% above threshold.

Little Bit Back On

After 100 mm of rain in the last few days, good to get out again, despite some very wet roads. Quiet along the Murchison today, 2 cars for the entire trip. Very little wind, but this lumpy route is still hard on old legs. Couldn't average much over 25Kph, but at least the HR was ticking upward.


Winter has arrived in Waratah with wicked winds and considerable rainfall. Over 40 mm in the last 24 hours and the same for the next two days. Winds between 40-60 kph and maybe even a little snow again by midweek. Back in the man shed on the trainer and a few interval sessions just to get the heart pumping.

Wild Country

Out towards the wilds of Cradle Mt this morning. Mild temp at 6 degrees, but the wind got up on the return, resulting in a slow pace. Forcast from Friday looks bleak with strong winds and 40+ mm of rain for Saturday. Another work day tomorrow on the coast. This photo on Cradle Mt Rd shortly after the turnoff. A fair few cars this morning heading to the mountain before the weekend bad weather, all very polite!

Heavy Fog

A murky start to the ride, but at least no ice on the roads. Another tempo ride, with not a lot above threshold. Under 50ks so might call it a recovery ride. Probably have only one more day without rain before it settles in again. Happy to see a few donations coming in.

Wet and Icy

Temperature drop early on and the wet roads once again turned to ice. Even the wildlife decided to sleep in. Only a lone Tassie Devil crossed my path, at least he wasn't road kill. Not much sun through parts of the rainforest today.

Icy 50

Another heavy frost morning, but a beautifully clear blue sky none-the-less. Main Roads had put a number of slow down ice warnings on either side of the Hellyer River. Made for a slow and cautious trip. Black ice can be a real pain, even on 28s with a tread. Thanks to Forico Forest Products for leaving a gap for a passable photo.

Cold Battery

Out towards Cradle again today, unfortunately the cold affected my phone battery so as a precaution decided to turn back again at 25 or so. A lot of traffic on the Murchison today even though cold and a Sat morning. Much road kill, but did manage to see a Wedge Tail again this morning; well worth the trip. Not hardly a clould in the sky, which is rare for this time of year.

Towards Yolla COLD

A very pleasnat 1 degree this morning with a bit of ice on the road. Made for some interesting cornering. Sun did eventually come out so the return was a bit safer. Only cruising today with a lot of tempo riding and very little anaerobic effort. A bit of work tommorow so off the bike.

Cold Start to Ridgley Rd

On the way to Burnie this morning along Ridgley Rd, a little bit of snow and lots of wind on the return. At least there were very few log trucks today. HR was up a bit on the return battling a headwind. Average temp for the ride was a balmy 3 degrees.

First Trainer Recorded

First effort on the turbo trainer today, only a limited effort with a tempo HR. Probably could have gone out, must be dreaming for a summer like day which is not going to happen.

Wet But Not Wild

Out for another short one today and headed toward Cradle Mountain, but the wet/hail forced a turn back at 25ks out. Need to start upping the 200k weekly average even though it will involve some trainer time. 

Begins Again

Happy to have signed up for the ride Around the Bay again this year. Currently living in a new location, Waratah, on the edge of the Tarkine temperate rain forest. Yes it does snow in Waratah and averages 2400mm of rain a year. Not to mention the hills/mountains. Will make training a little more interesting. The trainer will also get a workout in the man shed. This effort just over Hellyer Gorge climb on the Murchison Highway. Remember to donate for this excellent cause for the Smith Family charity.

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