Multiplex Are taking on Around the Bay 2018 to help kids in need!

Please support our ride and help these kids to break the cycle of disadvantage.

In Australia, 1 in 7 Children are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by.

But supporting their education is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

So we're going to give our personal best on the bike, so these kids can achieve their personal best in life!

Your donation will give children in need essentials like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and the help they need to keep up at school.

Plus your support will also help to keep us peddaling until we reach that finish line!

Thanks for your support (and wish us luck!)


Thank you to our Sponsors


Hanna Joyce


Jack O'regan

Good Luck Barry. A great cause.


Aaron Smith

Good luck for tomorrow hope all goes well enjoy the experience thanks again Aaron.



Go girl! Very proud of you!


Simon Bishop


Aidan Earley

Up on your bike Bro.


Multiplex Finance Apps Support Team

Enjoy the ride Luke... well done on such a charitable cause!


Barry (paul Finbarr) Murphy


Harris Constructions

Great work, good luck


Berna O'donovan

Pedal on Barry!


Kaye Fraser-rae

Great work Yules!! All the best and enjoy your 100k ride!!


Matt Steel


Paul Mulready

Apology a bit late .. Did you manage to finish ?


Dennis O’keeffe

Go easy over first 10km!😜


Deshani Ranawaka

this is awesome luke :)


Molly Stanistreet


David Bourne

Great effort and good luck


Georgie Dentry




Caitriona Comerford

Nice work Yue-Li - I vote yes for lycra!!


Nic Moisis

SO SO proud of you YL. Pump those legs mama! xx


Sexy Flanders


Kirstin Llora

Go spewsy!


Carly Schnabl

Go CUZZY!!! Proud of you xxxxx


Matt Thonson

Ride well Rochey!


Danni Dodgson

Go YLT - great effort


Yy & Dmoo

Yassss go lycra sis go!! Aja aja! Enjoy the ride, we know you will smash it, have fun! x





Chris Layton

Great work YLT!


Katie D'lima

Go Yue-Li!! You will be amazing! Have fun and good luck for the ride!


Tom Pemberton

Well done Luke! Kick that bays ass


Amy Sherman

Good Luck Lovely!!!


Raynae Gilmartin


Dylan Stark

Best of luck man