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I'm riding in Around the Bay 2019 to help kids in need!

Because 1 in 6 Australian kids are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by. But by supporting their education, they can break this cycle of disadvantage.

Your donation will give these kids the essentials they might otherwise miss out on like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and the help they need to keep up at school. Its a great cause!

Plus, your support will give me great motivation to keep pedaling in training and on the big day!

Thanks for your help and don't forget to leave your message of 'encouragement' when you donate :)


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Longest Ride: Mon 7th / 196kms

A week of mixed emotions

What a week of mixed emotions (although Marie might argue that I don’t have any to get mixed up ?);

  • On the one hand – AWESOME support provided for The Smith Family from my AWESOME sponsors;
  • On the other hand – a HORRID Amy’s Gran Fondo ride yesterday.


Thanks to all my sponsors so far; Rob & Bea, AB, Emily, Michel, Fed, Di, Claire, Calvin, John, a couple of anonymous peeps and of course Mum & Dad!

Your generous support has put $1138 in the hands of The Smith family to support disadvantaged kids around Australia.


I try and do two ‘event’ rides each Spring – Around the Bay for The Smith Family, and a few weeks beforehand – the Amy Gillet Gran Fondo for my own enjoyment.


Well, while yesterday started out nicely enough, the weather turned a lot earlier than forecast and it rained for the majority of the ride.. What a pooper Zeus is!

The rain made the ride cold and slippery – taking all the fun out of the decent to Skenes Creek.

With cold induced cramps looking like they might force an early withdrawal, the sun came out and saved me for the last 30km and we finished the ride in 4hrs 54min of rolling time ?

Supporting the Smith Family - because they're awesome!

I'm saddling-up for Around The Bay again this year. Its a great excuse to get up early on cold and windy wintery Sunday mornings and spend 3-4 hours out in the elements instead of being curled-up under a warm, fluffy doona - NOT.

But seriously - I'm doing it again because its an opportunity for me to make a small contribution to the awesome work of The Smith Family. 

Every year, The Smith Family uses Around The Bay to raise funds used in support disadvantaged kids across Australia - providing book packs, uniforms, sports equipment, reading buddies and education sponsorships to break the cycle of disadvantage.

So help me help them - dig deep and sponsor me for another year of riding 200km Around The Bay.

It will make you feel good, it will motivate me AND it will help disadvantaged kids! Awesome!

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$36 to provide a book pack

$61 to provide a uniform

$140 to provide a sports pack

$624 to sponsor a student for one year

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Robert Edgerley

Go Nik, action man! Tis a good thing you do, stay safe! Cheers, Rob and Bea


Nikolas Edgerley




Pierre Malan

Good luck Nik, I have no doubt that you will make everyone and the charity proud!


Sinead Mcguane




Michelle Greenhalgh

Don't eat all the food at the rest stops before I get there!


Ivy Lee


Roslyn Gallagher

Have a great ride, it is for a worthy cause. Enjoy the day



“It never gets easier, you just go faster” - Greg LeMond


Ron Brown

great job again Nik to do this


Emily Hall

Good luck Nik!



Good Luck!


Michel Stevering

Train hard and keep up the good work!


Federico Curcio


Carolina Galt

Yummy scones-thank you. Oh and well done on the ride too!!


Glen Moloney

May the road slope down away from you and the wind be always at your back.


Dianne Edgerley

Good luck with your goal and race :)


Steve Whitehead

Well done Nik. Hoping you get a mild, still day for this ride.


Your Matched Donation


Claire Mcdonald

Good Luck Nik. Great cause.




Fei Jiang

Good luck!


Your Matched Donation


Allison Purdey

Well done Nik, sounds like better conditions (apart from the crash of course!)


Jason Yuan

Great Person comes from great Responsibility. Good on you, Nik!


John Gardner

good luck Nik



Excellent cause. Good one Nik.


James Daish

Congrats, great effort and great cause!


Dianne King

Expect you to complete the ride with a 'new' record.


Calvin Fine

Great effort for a great cause!


Jenny Edgerley


The Smith Family Matched Donation