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My target 0kms

I'm riding in Around the Bay 2018 to help kids in need!

And it's my goal is to raise $2000 through my ride to help these kids break the cycle of disadvantage.

In Australia, 1 in 7 Children are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by.

But supporting their education is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

So I'm going to give my personal best on the bike, so these kids can achieve their personal best in life!

Please support my ride! Your donation will give children in need essentials like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and the help they need to keep up at school.

Not only will your donation help the kids but it will give me great motivation to keep pedalling on the big day!

Thanks for your support (and wish me luck!)


Week 4 Training

Well out of action for most of Week 3 due to the Bike getting a serious upgrade. Now my new machine is upgraded, went on a 43km ride around lovely lake wendouree testing the new machine out.

Back into the training week 5.



Week 2 Training Complete

Well this week was an increase in distance and load on the indoor trainer. Weather was crappy all week and did not let up for the weekend. Went for a 30km road ride in 35-40km cross and head winds. Tough ride but have to train in all weather types especially wind. Around the bay just happens to blow a gale each year to wind training is a must.

Week 2 distance: 120.79km

Target: 120km



Week 1 Training Complete

Well first week of training done. Combined indoor trainer and outdoor ride gradually increasing load and distance

Muscles sore but worth it.


Total Distance Wk 103km

Target 100km


Day 1 Wk1

Today started the training regime. 25km Indoor session @ Avg34.0kph

Legs a little sore after the winter break but time to get stuck in.

Get the headphones on and push those pedals and pump those legs

Wk 1 Target 100km

Its not about me its about the Kids!!

My Saying " If you dont believe you wont achieve"



My Ride to Help Aussie Kids in Need

Uploaded a profile pic Shared on social media Received my first donation Logged a training ride Raised $36 to provide a book back Raised $120 to provide a reading mentor Raised $250 to provide books and support Raised $576 to sponsor a student for a year

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Goodluck Scott from All at Protector Premium


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Goodluck Scott


Team Crossmark

Hi Scott, well done again in supporting this appeal! Good luck on the ride, and watch for swooping magpies! All the best! From Team CROSSMARK (Scott/Jase/Nic/Helen)


Grant Symes

good luck chicken legs!!!!


Emily Anderson

Good luck!


Greg Chenhall


Janice O'connor

All the best Scott From Janice & the Allied Seafreight team


Ray Eastley


Darren Rodrigues

Good on you Scott, you have my support


James Reardon


Mike Bujak

Women weaken legs


Sharon Cromberge

The commitment and hard training you are putting in, the not giving up attitude even when the weather is blowing a gale makes me so proud of you.


Mike Ford

all the best Scotty mate


Gianna Ryder

There you go Scotty, $2000 :)


Steve Orpwood

Good luck hope everything goes well


Ryan Lindon

Good luck Scotty. Great stuff mate


Tony Hopkins


Adam Rassam


Jennifer Evans


Amanda Barbieri


Gianna Ryder


Jack Williams

Best of luck mate


Ebony Gordon

good on ya buddy!


Anthony Chang

good luck


Hayden Cromberge

I am here to support you Dad, just like you support me with my basketball. Love you.


Ryan Cromberge

You are doing a great job Dad. Love you.




Sue Harvey

Good luck Scott.


Grant Callaghan

Kick arse Bowls partner


Danae Vassallo


Lorna Cross

rockin the lycra! Happy wheeling...




Marti Ferraro

Well done Scott hope the weather is kind for you


Jason Town


Tracey Hall

Good Luck Scott





Good work Scotty on your efforts in making someone else's life better.


Sharon Kenyon

Awesome thing to do :)


Debbie Ryan

Good luck Scott


Deb Wheeldon

A great cause Scott - well done


Duong Nguyen

Good luck Scott


Helen Fenner

Good Luck Scott